What is 4HTV stands for?

4HTV is a new media 
consisting of four "H"s.



What is 4HTV stands for?

4HTV is a new media
consisting of four "H"s.

4HTV is a completely different business scheme from traditional TV stations.
4HTV does not hold any copyrights.
Clients are free to produce 4K content.
If you request, we will guide you to a production company.

4HTV is an unprecedented platform-type TV station that proposes the possibility of future TV media, eliminating the conventional concept of advertising revenue business (viewership ratings). In addition, it is the first full-time international broadcaster in Japan that crosses not only domestic borders but also international borders.

National and Local governments

You can use it as a program slot to send out your promotions. It can also be used by countries around the world that want to promote their products in Japan or in our broadcasting area.

TV stations around the country

You can use it as a local transmission power. In addition, you can broadcast your station's popular contents to the whole country and the world.

International Broadcasting

We plan to start providing the service from the Asian region and gradually expand it. It will be broadcasted to Japanese people living abroad and foreigners who are interested in Japanese culture.

Each company

We produce programs that lead to your company's PR and branding, and rent program slots to companies that want to have their own OA media, and 4HTV manages and consults on monetizing the contents.

All Media

Entertainment Agency / Record Company / Film Company / Professional Sports Organization / Animation Production Company / Game Company, etc.
Each of them can create new products and new contents by having the ability to transmit them.